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A Fruitarian Hospital was established at Bromley, in London during 1903, which was re-located to Doddington in Kent, in 1921, after the original premises became an Ex-Serviceman's Club. In a pamphlet which was issued by The Fruitarian Society in 1952, Dr. Oldfield remarked that:
"In the grounds of the Lady Margaret Fruitarian Hospital there are many animals, and I have again and again suggested to patients who were chaffing a little during their first few days at the absence of flesh foods, that they should go out and cut a slice from the lamb, or kill the baby pony and make a rich soup for themselves, but the proposal has never once touched a responsive chord".
From: The Crown of Grapes - Eat right and live long.
The same tract touched upon theology:
"We see to-day that, in spite of all our progress and of all our influential freedom, we are still trying to do the same old trick of having our head in Canaan and our stomach in Egypt. It cannot be. We too must eat our way back to the promised land of milk and honey and vineyards and olive yards, if we would gain the great reward of health and happiness and peace".
In the 1960's The Fruitarian Guild was formed as a discussion forum based around the writings of Dr. Oldfield and published a quarterly bulletin; The Fructarian. Whilst fruitarianism is today associated with a diet that is essentially uncooked and derived from fruits and seeds. (11) #
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