The first edition of The Herald of the Golden Age (January 1896 - October 1918; monthly until December 1903 - then quarterly) contained a listing of vegetarian tracts which were already in circulation:
The Case Against Killing Customs - Charles Forward
A Plea for a broken Law - Rev. H.J. Williams
A Plea for Vegetarianism - Henry Salt
The Perfect Way in Diet - Dr. A. Kingsford
Novel Vegetarian Dishes - Mary Pope
Practical Vegetarian Recipes - Charles Forward
Best Way to Begin - J. Oldfield
How to Begin - R.E. O' Callaghan
Best Sixpenny Cookery - J. Oldfield
Tubercolosis - J. Oldfield
Is Flesh Eating by Christians Morally Defensible? -Sidney H. Beard
The Coming Revolution in Diet - Sidney H. Beard
New Vegetarian Dishes by Mrs. Bowdich
The Feast of Bacchus - Astley Walton
The original Order of the Golden Age published a quarterly newsletter during the early to mid 1880's. The reconstituted order began publishing in 1896:
(P) A Cause of the Failure of Christian Missions in the East - Rev. W.D. Etherington, M.A.
(L) A race of Somnabulists - J. Howard Moore
(L) Butchery - J. Oldfield
(L) Does it matter? - Frances L. Boult
(L) Flesh Eating - R.E. O' Callaghan
(L) The Coming Race - Sidney H. Beard
(L) The Empire of Ideas - Sidney H. Beard
(P) The Relation of Christians to the Animal World - Rev. H.J. Williams
(L) What I saw at the Pasteur Institute - T.A. Williams
(L) Cause and Effect - Sidney H. Beard
(P) Facts Concerning Right Living - Dr. Josef Drzeweicki
(L) Saline Starvation: How to avoid it - Dr. Chas D. Hunter, F.L.S.
(L) Say, What are you Doing? - Robert Semple
(L) Sowing and Reaping - Sidney H. Beard
(L) Stepping stones to practice - Frances L. Boult
(L) Strange but Earnest Questions. cx(L) Substitutes for Animal Food - Sidney H. Beard
(L) The Immitation of the Divine - J. Oldfield
(P) The Testimony of Science Against Vivisection - Sidney H. Beard
(L) Why I am a Food Reformer by Mrs Annie Besant
(P) A Simple Guide to a Natural and Humane Diet - Sidney H. Beard
(L) Are Animals Immortal? - J. Oldfield
(L) Humanity's Great Enemy - Harold W. Whiston
(L) Is Vegetarianism Scientific? - Dr. Walter R. Hadwen, M.D., L.R.L.P.
(L) Our Great Inheritance - Sidney H. Beard
(P) The Drink Problem: How to solve it - Harry Locking
(L) The Gospel of the Kingdom - Sidney H. Beard
(P) What the Scientists say against Flesh-Eating - Sidney H. Beard
(L) Legalised Torture - Mona Caird
(L) Masonic Food Reformers - Mona Caird
(B) A Tale of Shame and Cruelty - Dr. Josiah Oldfield, D.C.L., M.A., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S.
(L) Dietic Difficulties - Robert H. Perks, M.D., F.R.C.S.
(B) Essays of the Golden Age - Dr. Oldfield
(L) Humanity in Diet - A.J. Snow
(L) The Food Reformation - Peter Davidson
(L) The Higher Economics of Diet - Rev. J. Todd Ferrier
(B) The Penny Guide to Fruitarian Diet and Cookery - Dr. J. Oldfield
(P) The Potency of Faith - Sidney H. Beard

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